Dear Art lovers

To celebrate and appreciate the shimmering but sophisticated culture of Odisha, OCCAC has taken an initiative, to proffer visual tours through the artistic collections of the state. From old masters to mid aged, young talent to emerging artists, OCCAC has constantly endeavouring for amateur artists and artisans to become professional and assisting them to permute their creativity into venture.
From a long, Odisha Centre of Creative Arts and Crafts is nurturing and regulating professional alliances, with a team of all expertise which helps to thrive the access of Indian arts across the world. Constant exhibitions, showcasing and direct ingress to studios and archives assist all the art lovers to amalgamate together.

To accompany the artistic forte, OCCACINDIA regularly conducts residency projects. Where artists of versatile genres accumulate together, work in studios, perceive skills, appreciate extraordinary environs and have intellectual conferences in exchange of works and chores to be done for local enhancements.

With all mushrooming responses and to give virtual connection worldwide, OCCAC has started an online program for art tie-ins and deals. Crystalline explanations and discussions to promote artefacts and artists on successful routes will be yielded.

OCCAC INDIA welcomes you with open arms and expects your sterling acknowledgments.

D. Rajgarhia                                                                                          
Managing Director                                                                                    


Administration Office : Malabar Hill, Mumbai     

Maharashtra, India